Haven Tent or Haven XL?

By Derek Tillotson on February 19, 2021

With 2 hammock and pad sizes, which Haven is right for you?

HAVEN haventents XL vs Standard


Our proprietary hammock design and air mattress work with your body frame to maintain a flat open lay; head to toe and side to side.

Wider isn’t necessarily better. To get the best results you want the tent to closely match your shoulders and body width. This keeps the pad from folding along the middle. In short, smaller to average build people will find the regular Haven Tent better for their frame and average to larger people will feel more at home in the XL.

Haven XL - Haven Original Size Comparison

Our founder Derek is comfortable in both the original and XL. He typically camps with the original Haven Tent.

Worried about feeling cramped? You can get a good sense for how much space you’ll have in your tent by laying pillows or cushions along a wall at the regular and XL dimensions.

Haven Tent 24” x 78” (60 x 198 cm)
Haven XL 30” x 80” (76 x 203 cm)

Weight and Materials:

The original Haven Tent is made of a very durable 70d ripstop polyester. This includes the hammock body and the rainfly.

Despite being bigger, the Haven XL weighs the same as the original Haven Tent. We did this by using a combination of materials for the XL. For the hammock bottom we used the same 70d ripstop polyester, the hammock sidewalls are 40d ripstop polyester, and the rainfly is 20d ripstop polyester.

This sheds weight without giving up any waterproofing. 4000 hh waterproofing for both rainflys and 3000 hh for the hammock bodies.

The XL hammock body and rainfly are lighter than the original, but the pad is also larger and made from the same 40d material.


The price difference between the Haven XL and the original Haven Tent comes from material amounts and cost. The lighter materials are more expensive and being XL we had to use more of them.

Haven Tent with Insulated Pad - $315
Haven XL with Insulated Pad - $365 ($335 Pre-Order)

But can you really put a price tag on a good night’s sleep?


No matter which you choose we are happy to have join us. Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help you pick the Haven that is right for you. support@haventents.com

By John Millstead on February 10, 2022

My brother and I are both fairly new to hammock camping. We saw a couple of YouTube videos that shouted you guys out — namely MotoGiant.

We are looking around at our options. We will buy two of whatever we find.

We are currently looking at your XL models. I am about 215 my brother about 250.

Do you give any discounts for buying more than one? Or any other incentives?



By Penny on February 10, 2022

Between the haven and haven XL what is the difference in headroom. In other words what is the height from the top of the inflated pad to the ridgeline when hanging with the pad fully inflated. Despite looking at your website I can’t find the listed anywhere, but suspect the possibly greater headroom in the XL may be my deciding factor.

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