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WURL - The Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup

WURL - The Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup

Rather than fixating myself on a mountain on the other side of the world, the WULR set my sights on the mountains right in my backyard. If I could complete all 35 miles, 18,000 ft of vertical, and 21 peaks… Forever, I’d be able to look up and see my mountains and remember my day and a half on the WURL.
By Derek Tillotsonon August 30, 2021
Horse Camping in Wind Rivers, WY

Haven Horse Packing - Wind Rivers, WY

This year our annual cousin horse packing trip brought us to the Wind River range of Wyoming. Three days of riding with two nights tucked away in our Haven Tents.
By Derek Tillotsonon August 28, 2021
Solo Camping in Norway

Solo Camping in Norway

While scanning a Norwegian Facebook group, Geir stumbled onto our Kickstarter campaign. He was intrigued by the design and hoped our tent would address the two biggest issues he experienced from hammock camping. The banana problem, and the cold-butt syndrome. 
By Derek Tillotsonon April 05, 2021
24 hours ALONE. The Haven Challenge

24 hours ALONE. The Haven Challenge

What the longest you’ve been alone? And better yet, alone in nature?
By Derek Tillotsonon February 08, 2021
Derek Tillotson Yellowstone

Yellowstone Backcountry

Our Haven Tents were the perfect way to end long days in the saddle. Each morning we woke to beautiful vistas, and spent the first hour or so looking for our horses!
By Derek Tillotsonon November 06, 2020
Hanalei River

Hawaii Overland

Earlier this year we got lost... for a bit. Really we knew where we were going, but couldn't get there...
By Derek Tillotsonon July 11, 2020