Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Hammocking Adventure

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Hammocking Adventure

 As a business that revolves around hammocking, it is no secret that we enjoy a thing or two about it, right?!

But, what is hammocking? Our goal in this blog is to tell you all of our favorite tips and tricks for the perfect hammocking adventure.

Sound fun? Keep reading.

Haven with Rainbow

WHAT IS HAMMOCKING? The Phenomenon Explained

Hammocking is when a piece of material is strung between two solid objects (typically by trees) by some type of cord, rope, or straps.

Many people have asked: “WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAMMOCKING?”

Honestly, they have a good point. It isn’t every day you come into contact with people who recreationally enjoy being suspended in a sling between two trees or posts.

Which is why we want to change the narrative!

Haven Safari on Salt flats


The concept of hammocking has been around for a long time.

Between us? It probably wouldn’t still be a thing if it didn’t serve its intended purpose. Honestly, from what we have been able to gather in our years of research, is that hammocking comes with a lot of benefits.

Unpack some of those with us.


  • Social Activity with Friends + Family
  • Can be Done Nearly Anywhere
  • Single + Double Hammock Options
  • Inclusive for All Types of Individual


Hammocks Are:

  • Lightweight
  • Stackable
  • Pet Friendly
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Convienent
  • User Friendly
  • Serene


Okay, okay. Although hammocking is pretty close, we are aware that nothing is 100% perfect. So, with all of those benefits, comes a few cons.


  • There is Limited Capacity
  • Needs the Ability to Hang
  • May Cause Sleep Issues
  • Lacks in Privacy
  • Can be Pretty Cold
  • Body is Curved like a Banana

Haven Safari in Hawaii


You have weighed the pros and the cons of hammocking, and you are pretty sure you are ready to make the plunge.

First of all, you aren’t going to regret it! Congratulations, friend. If you do decide to give it a try, you are in for some of the best adventures of your life. And, that is definitely something to celebrate!

The thing is, it is important to pick one that is right for you – especially since there are so many brands to choose from.

Here’s what we recommend asking before purchasing:

  • What is the weight limit?
  • Do I want a single or a double?
  • Does this brand have rainflies and bug nets available?
  • Am I able to use wide tree straps?


Setting Up Haven Tent

HAVEN TENTS: The Modern, Flat Lay Hammock 

What if we told you that we came up with a hammock that took all of the negatives of a traditional hammock and found a way to add them to the list of benefits?!

Too good to be true? NEVER.

Our founder and outdoor obsessor, Derek Tillotson, found himself struggling to get comfortable in a traditional camping hammock. You see, every time he took one with him on one of his wilderness excursions, he dreaded having to actually sleep in it.

After adventuring all day, the only thing you usually want to do when you make it back to camp is curl up and go to sleep… Unless your only option for sleep is a traditional hammock.

While fighting to get comfortable, Derek envisioned his head and feet lowering to a single plane. Just like his mattress at home.

With this spark of an idea, the first Haven Tent was born.

Honestly, from there, the hammocking game was changed forever.




Turns out that sleeping on a horizontal plane is one of the most comfortable ways to sleep. I mean it’s what we all do at home, right? Putting our body in an unnatural position, like that of a traditional hammock for the entirety of the night can cause major discomfort.

The Haven Tent, which we are happy to report, helps resolve those issues.

Another problem with traditional hammocks face is warmth.

When you are suspended in the air, you typically lose a lot of your heat beneath you… Especially if there is any sort of wind.

The Haven tent remedies this by using an inflatable insulated sleeping pad. This pad keeps the sleeper from losing heat and keeps them warm. The pad is also easy to inflate due to the stuff sack doubling as an air pump. It quickly helps you inflate that pad without blowing it up with a bunch of breathing.

Normal hammocks leave you out of the open for the bugs. Or, you have to purchase and deal with the hassle of a separate bug net. In addition to the lay-flat profile and insulated pad, the Haven tents have a zippered bug net. This makes keeping the mosquitos out easy and quick.

Midnight rainstorm not in the forecast? Not an issue with the Haven tent. Every Haven tent comes with an attachable rainfly with guylines. With the Haven tent, everything mother nature can throw at you has been accounted for and you can sleep peacefully.

Haven Tents have it all, and they come in THREE different models – Haven Tent, Haven XL, and Haven Safari.


3 Haven Tents Pan Up


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