Haven Journal

Haven Tent by lake

Managing Condensation While Camping

Condensation is something that happens in every tent… If you’re breathing in a small space for a long time, that 1 liter of water that you exhale during a typical night has to go somewhere. 
By Derek Tillotsonon April 21, 2021
Haven Tent hammock winter camp with PowerPump

The Joy of Camping With a Pump 💨

The PowerPump is lightweight and powerful, but also works as a backup battery. 3600 mAh isn't a ton of juice... but the majority of my trips are 1 or 2 nighters, where a single recharge of my phone would really be nice.
By Derek Tillotsonon April 14, 2021
Solo Camping in Norway

Solo Camping in Norway

While scanning a Norwegian Facebook group, Geir stumbled onto our Kickstarter campaign. He was intrigued by the design and hoped our tent would address the two biggest issues he experienced from hammock camping. The banana problem, and the cold-butt syndrome. 
By Derek Tillotsonon April 05, 2021
Life Before Haven

Life Before Haven

I have a confession to make… I was never a hammock camper. I grew up camping with the boy scouts...
By Derek Tillotsonon April 03, 2021
Mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon - Utah

Summer Comes Knocking

It’s almost here, we’re getting glimpses of Spring. Little moments where you walk outside to check the mail or take out the trash and suddenly you feel the Sun’s warmth tempered by a cool breeze.
By Derek Tillotsonon April 01, 2021
Haven Tent or Haven XL?

Haven Tent or Haven XL?

Wider isn’t necessarily better. To get the best results, you want the tent to closely match your shoulders and body width. This keeps the pad from folding along the middle. 
By Derek Tillotsonon February 19, 2021