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Make sleep the highlight of camping. 

Find the Haven that is right for you. Each of our three models use our patented lay-flat design to create a flat and open sleeping platform. Sleep on your back, side, or even your stomach. That's right, this is a hammock for stomach sleepers! Our all-in-one hammock tent kits take the guesswork out of what to pack and what you’ll need for a great night.

lay flat hammock, comfortable hammock

Like your bed from home! The Haven Tent is ideal for small to medium-size campers. Smaller pack size and lighter weight, it’s hard to beat a good original. 

*This is Derek’s go-to tent for his adventures. Check it out!

Haven XL, comfortable hammock

A larger sleeping platform for a larger frame. Haven XL was designed for those who found the original a bit too confined. Same functionality, more space. The larger size makes it bigger but still packable.  

*This is our best-selling hammock.

Haven Safari, lay flat hammock, glamping hammock

Same dimensions as Haven XL but with thicker/heavier materials. We thought, "how comfortable could we make this thing if weight wasn’t an issue?" We’ve also added a lounge strap for comfortable lounging. 

*Ideal for car-camping and backyard use.

Haven Tent

Works great for all sizes!

(Rated to 285 lb / 129 kg)

Sleeping Platform Dimensions

24 x 78 in / 60 x 198 cm

System Weight. Including air mattress, hammock, rainfly, bug net, straps, guylines, and stakes.

6 lb 5 oz / 2860 g

Haven XL

Best for people 160 - 285 lb / 72 - 129 kg

(Rated to 285 lb / 129 kg)

Sleeping Platform Dimensions

30 x 80 in / 76 x 203 cm

System Weight. Including air mattress, hammock, rainfly, bug net, straps, guylines, and stakes.

 7 lb 10.5 oz / 3470 g

Haven Safari

Works great for all sizes!

(Rated to 350 lb / 158 kg)

Sleeping Platform Dimensions

30 x 80 in / 76 x 203 cm

System Weight. Including air mattress, hammock, rainfly, bug net, straps, guylines, stakes, bunting banner, and welcome mat.

13 lb / 5900 g

Do you sleep on your BACK, SIDE, STOMACH, or all of the above? No more struggling with pads on uneven ground or traditional hammocks, our open sleeping platform is great for all sleepers.  Just hear what people are saying about the Haven Tent!

Best hammock for back sleepers
Best hammock for side sleepers
Best hammock for stomach sleepers
Haven Tent on Hammock Stand

I have been hammock shopping for many years now and this is absolutely the best sleeping system I have ever found. As a matter of fact, I sleep better in this hammock than I do in my own bed at home. On the ground or off the ground, this is the best of both worlds.

Michael P - Haven XL

Haven Tent in the Forest

I love my Haven tent! I have other sleep systems, but this is my favorite. In strong winds I love that I can close the tarp so it stays nice and cozy inside… and the kids love it too!

Lena M - Haven XL

I LOVE my Haven Tent and have camped with it in all the conditions the PNW has to offer. It sets up in just a few minutes and it is the most comfortable hammock I have ever slept in.

Brett M - Haven Tent

Haven Tent Blue

Perfection! I ordered one for a 5 day off-road motorcycle trip. I was the envy of the group. Set up was a piece of cake. I was always first one set up! I slept better in my Haven than I did in my bed at home (sorry memory foam) Five stars just isn’t enough, it deserves at least 10.

John D - Haven Tent

The Haven Second: Available while supplies last!

The Haven Second is a lightly used and/or repaired tent that you can purchase for a discounted price. Each tent comes with everything a brand new Haven Tent comes with and is covered by our one-year limited warranty. 

Need more help deciding between the Haven Tent, Haven XL, or Haven Safari?

Dive into this blog post or send us a message. We're happy to help you do this right! 

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Happy sleeping!