Keeping Kids Entertained When Camping

Keeping Kids Entertained When Camping

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Kids love to go camping (most of them at least). Camping can be an enjoyable and learning experience, and result in the creation of memories that will last a lifetime. However, for the people responsible for keeping the kids entertained (mostly the parents or teachers), camping with kids is not all fun and games.


Children oscillate between high-voltage energy and apathetic lethargy. And if you want to keep them busy and entertained, you need to meet them at least halfway (with the energy, not the lethargy). Some planning will go a long way in avoiding scenarios where you feel like tearing your hair out (because of their questions, requests, or badgering). Keeping kids entertained is not difficult, if you know what to do. Almost everything can be turned into an activity with age-appropriate roles for the kids. However, if you feel stuck for ideas, here are a few to inspire you:


Whipping Up Camping Treats


You know what they say: if you can’t keep the kids away, then involve them in it. Well, no one really says that, we just made that up. But it works in this case. Instead of wasting time and getting frustrated trying to keep them busy elsewhere while cooking, let them help you out.


According to the ages of the kids, give them tasks that they are capable of doing. This will not only keep them occupied but it would also keep them aware of how far along is the food preparation. They won’t keep asking you, and at the end of the hard work they put in, lies a delicious treat. It’s a win-win situation.


Whipping up some quick treats will also help keep the hunger pangs and crankiness at bay. Let the kids help you assemble some s’mores, prepare a trail mix, and make a batch of rice krispies. Kids can also help you get entire meals ready.


Sharing Stories


Did you really go camping if you didn’t share stories? Whether it is around the campfire or inside a tent, story-sharing is like a ritual of camping. Kids love anything to do with stories. You could easily entertain them with stories you make up, or you could share life incidents. Sneak in invaluable life lessons or other important information in the stories. This way it will become infotainment and they won’t even realize what’s happening.


When you are too occupied with other tasks, use a device and arrange for the kids to listen to audio stories. You could either download the stories beforehand or if the camping area has good network coverage, the kids can listen to the stories online or using apps. The kids can also share stories while an adult guides and facilitates them. Boost the creativity of the kids with a session in which they collectively create a story. Start with a story prompt, and each kid contributes a sentence or two that move the story forward. Continue the story by going through a few rounds of the group until it reaches an acceptable end.

Haven Tent Activities


Haven hammock tents allow plenty of opportunities for keeping the kids entertained. The hammock tent offers a novel experience that will keep the young campers intrigued for a long time. Even naps become enticing in a Haven Tent. If you bring along a few toys on the camping trip, you can keep a young child not only engaged in the hammock tent but also protected from bugs and rain. Use the spacious pockets for some snacks and water, so that the kids won’t need to step down frequently while playing. For very young kids, you may want to tie the hammock tent a little lower and closer to the ground to avoid the risk of injuries.


The Haven Tent offers sufficient stability for the kids to be able to play board games. You could encourage the kids to play free pyramid solitaire while they lie down comfortably in their Haven hammock tents. Kids can even do some camping crafts inside the tent. If the kids enjoy reading, we suggest letting them bring along a book or two (even better if it is related to camping) or letting them carry their ebook reading device.

In Conclusion


If you run out of ideas for entertaining the kids, step back and take a look at the task you were busy with. All or most tasks can either be turned into a learning opportunity, game, or activity. Take the suggestions of kids as well, sometimes the best ideas come from their young and creative brains.


Keeping the kids entertained while camping is easier with Haven Tents. Rather than a simple hammock or tent, carry a Haven Tent with you, and the camping trip will become the adventure of a lifetime for the kids and you. 

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