Our Mission

"As an avid outdoorsman, it was hard to reconcile the fact that every amazing day spent in the woods, would be punctuated by a miserable night. I designed the Haven Tent with the goal of, making sleep the highlight of camping."  Derek Tillotson

About Haven Tents

While struggling to get comfortable in a traditional camping hammock, our founder envisioned his head and feet lowering. So his body was flat on a single plane. With this spark of an idea, the Haven Tent was born.

The original Haven Tent launched on Kickstarter, in September 2019. Year two saw the launch of Haven XL along with many of our accessories. Then, in year three we launched our third model Haven Safari, again on Kickstarter.

We continue to innovate, each new product and accessory moving us closer to our goal of making sleep the highlight of camping. We are the first to use and abuse our gear, so you can adventure with confidence and get all the zzzz's you could ask for. 

Haven Tents is headquartered at the foot of the Uintah Mountains in Sandy, Utah

Derek Tillotson Haven Tents

Derek lives in Sandy, Utah with his wife and three kids. His Favorite activities include traveling as a family, hiking, horse riding, climbing, skiing, and snowmobiling.