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Make sleep the highlight of camping. Bring the comforts of home to the outdoors with premium lay flat hammock tents, camping hammocks, and more from Haven Tents.

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The Haven Tent is a lightweight, all-in-one hammock tent with an emphasis on comfort. Our patented design creates a lay flat sleeping platform no matter how you sleep. On your back, side, or even your stomach.

Love the outdoors & camping but miss your bed? Now you can take it with you.

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Haven Journal

Rather than fixating myself on a mountain on the other side of the world, the WULR set my sights on the mountains right in my backyard. If I could complete all 35 miles, 18,000 ft of vertical, and 21 peaks… Forever, I’d be able to look up and see my mountains and remember my day and a half on the WURL.

By Derek Tillotson

This year our annual cousin horse packing trip brought us to the Wind River range of Wyoming. Three days of riding with two nights tucked away in our Haven Tents.

By Derek Tillotson

Whoopie slings are my single favorite Haven Tents™ accessory. They weigh next to nothing and give you much more flexibility in choosing your site to hang.

By Haven Tents


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