We bring the comfort of home to the outdoors with our premium lay-flat hammock tents and more from Haven Tents.
Make Sleep The Highlight of Camping
With our focus on comfort and durability, find the Haven right for you.
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Lay flat hammock for camping

Lightweight, packable, lay flat hammock tent.

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Extra large camping hammock with camouflage rainfly

Spacious, packable, lay flat hammock tent.

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Portable camping hammock with boho pattern and white background

Durable, stylish, lay flat glamping tent.

Girl napping in haven tent hammock by lake
The Perfect Hammock
What if sleep was a highlight of the camping experience? Our patented design creates a flat and open sleeping platform. Sleep on your back, side, or even your stomach. There's no folding like a banana or rocks under your back.
Our Favorite Haven Accessories
Convenient. Practical. Beautiful. Make your outing even more special. 
Who we are
"I was laying a regular hammock, trying to get comfortable, when I had this idea. What if my head and feet were lower and I didn't have pressure on my sides? That spark lead to the Haven Tent!" - Derek Tillotson Founder
Haven Tents Journal
What makes a hammock stable, or not?
As a kid, nothing was better than playing in a tippy hammock. I remember pushing cousins to extreme heights trying...
Haven Safari
Introducing Haven Safari. Now Live on Kickstarter!  Since launching the original Haven Tent on Kickstarter in 2019, we’ve been hard at...
Going to Ground
What if I can't find trees? This fear has kept many people from discovering the joys of hammock camping and is...
One Tough Tent
To test the limits of our new Haven Safari tent we loaded it up with 2000+ lb of salt (900 kg). Don't try this at home but you can see more of our Safari stress test here on YouTube.
Real reviews from real customers
"This tent is truly the most comfortable thing on earth. My family has been working up to camping for a while, since a couple of us are not good at sleeping in tents. This setup is INCREDIBLE."

Rachel Warrick

"I have never loved a camping sleep system like I have this product. Its ease of setup and comfort are really second to none."

Travis Lundy
"I love being able to sleep flat on my stomach and wake up with amazing views along back lakes where you'd be hard-pressed to put a tent up. Fits on the motorcycle with ease."
Tyler Penny 
Haven tent with dog camping with dog
Interior of a Haven Tent, lay flat hammock
lay flat hammock setup
view from Haven Tent, camping sunset

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Haven XL hammock tent in forest
Big guy laying in Haven XL
Lay flat hammock tent camping with snow
Haven Tent on salt flats as bivy tent
inside view of lay flat haven hammock tent
Lay flat hammock with cherry blossoms
Haven XL and haven tent in fall