5 Reasons to Love the Haven Tent

5 Reasons to Love the Haven Tent

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If you’re looking for Zzzz’s you’ve come to the right place. There are 101 reasons to love our patented hammock tents, but we thought we would narrow them down to the top 5. This is how we make sleep the highlight of camping! 

1. Flat & Open Sleeping Platform

 You’re probably here for the lay… the flat lay 😉 Let’s just say we do the whole ‘hammock thing’ differently. No more bending like a banana or being all wrapped up in hammock material. The Haven Tent uses our patented design to create a flat/open sleeping platform. Sleep on your back, side, or stomach!

The Haven Tent is more like sleeping in your bed at home than a traditional hammock. Low sidewalls make it easy to get in and out, and the insulated mattress helps hold the space open. If you want to learn more about our hammock design, dive into this more in-depth blog post.

Best hammock for side sleepers. blue haven tent

Review from Joshua H - "I just can not say enough good things about this sleep system. No more roots or rocks in the back. No more hyperextension of the legs and knees in a bandanna hammock. I'm a BIG guy at 275 lbs. and this tent holds me and my gear. The dog sleeps dry under the tent. Total game changer!!!!"

2. Protection From the Elements.

Does the forecast call for rain, wind, or hordes of hungry mosquitoes? Bring it on! We have you covered no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Our rainfly can be guyed out for ventilation, locked down for storm mode, rolled up, or completely removed if you want to take in those stars. It connects to the hammock body at the two end loops so it packs away easily and is ready for your next trip. Both hammock-body and rainfly have 4000 mm waterproofing, so you’re protected so matter where the wind and rain are coming from. We designed this to be a Haven from the elements, and we have put this to the test!

With the built-in bug net, our system also protects you from mosquitos and other airborne terrors. Zip shut and stay safe all night!

hammocks in forest with rainfly and bug net

Review from Bill S - "My first night out was in November in Oklahoma. There was a cold front passage that brought a 40-degree temperature drop and heavy rain. I stayed dry and cozy inside my Haven XL. I highly recommend it for a comfy bivouac. I am 53 and I am not as flexible as I once was."

3. Quick Setup and Takedown.

Nothing is worse than crawling around trying to pitch a ground tent, while traditional hammocks have their own set of complications. The Haven Tent sets up in minutes. Just follow these three simple steps:

1. Put up the tree straps
2. Hang the hammock
3. Put in the bars and pad

It’s that easy! The whole kit includes hammock, insulated air mattress, bug net, rainfly, tree straps, guy lines, and stakes. So everything is packed together and ready to go.

Haven Tent packed up sitting on a rock. Hammock system

Review by Steve B - "Best night I've ever had camping. I love the ease of setting it up (the youtube tutorials give some great pro tips), and the amount of storage space is excellent. Being able to side sleep as well is brilliant. I'm going out again next week and I can't wait."

4. Versatility

No trees? No problem! The Haven Tent can also be pitched right on the ground as a bivy tent.

Our system works best flying between the trees, but it is great to know you have this option. Just suspend the two ends of the hammock with trekking poles, sticks, bushes, or anything else you find and you have yourself a ground bivy. The rainfly, pockets, and bug net still work as they would while camping in hammock mode.

Haven tent bivy mode. Ground tent

Review by Robert B - "I researched for weeks and weeks prior to making this purchase. We are planning a backcountry hunt and will be in some high country in Colorado. I love the fact that if we end up in an area without adequate trees, we are able to tent camp easily with this system. All in all, this system totally rocks!! I tried several other systems, and the Haven is the best by far."

5. Comfort… so much comfort

We could talk about the stability, we could brag about the six large pockets, we could boast about customer service. But at the end of the day, what you’ll like most about the Haven Tent is the comfort. We’re talking better-than-my-bed-at-home-level of comfort. In fact, we hear that all the time.

Before starting Haven Tents, I was a UL guy. I went as light as I could and prided myself on my spartan pack and tarp setup. But I noticed a correlation. I never slept well while camping. Each morning I was up at 4:00 am just waiting for the sun to come up. If I had wind or rain, forget about it… I was pulling an all-nighter.

I realized there had to be a better way. The Haven is for people who can justify a little extra weight for the best night they’ll ever have camping.

Girl relaxing in the Haven Tent with blanket.

Review by Cody S - "Love the tent. After years of long ruck marches and sleeping on the hard ground or military cots, I started to hate sleeping outdoors since it is so hard to get comfortable. This hammock system is the best night's sleep I have had in years."

Which One?

Now it's just a matter of which Haven model is right for you. The original Haven Tent, Haven XL, or Haven Safari? Here's a video I did with all three models of the tent to help make this next step a little easier. 

Thanks again for looking at the Haven Tent. We're excited to be a part of your adventures!

Derek Tillotson
Haven Tents Founder 

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