Haven Horse Packing - Wind Rivers, WY

Haven Horse Packing - Wind Rivers, WY

Derek Tillotson
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This year our annual cousin horse packing trip brought us to the Wind River range of Wyoming. Three days of riding with two nights tucked away in our Haven Tents.

Camping hammock tent with a camouflage rainfly


Multi-day horse packing trips have traditionally required a train of horses. With big panniers being carried by a dedicated mule or pack horse. Over the years we've dialed in our system to be light enough for packing on a single horse with rider.

Carrying everything on one horse speeds up the rate of travel, makes packing and unpacking much quicker, and lowers our impact on wilderness areas we are traveling through.

Here are some of our horse packing favorites. Along with our Haven Tents of course!

- Saddle Bags and Saddle Bag Stays
- Grayl water filter
- ZenBivy sleeping bag
- Reyr Gear collapsible fly rod

This year all three of us had young horses which added another element to this ride over steep/rocky terrain. Here are some of the highlights! 

If you'd like to recreate this trip, here's where you want to go. Just know this isn't the best if you have a fear of heights!
Starting at Green River Lakes, we followed the Highline Trail up to the Doubletop Mountain Trail. We made it a loop by taking the Palmer Lake Trail to the Porcupine Trail, back to Green River Lakes campground on the other side of the lake. Enjoy, and be sure to bring us along! 
Derek Tillotson
Haven Tents Founder
Horses in field in Wind Rivers Wyoming

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