Yellowstone Backcountry

Yellowstone Backcountry

Derek Tillotson
1 minute read

For a long time, the top spot of my adventure list had been occupied by a week-long trip through Yellowstone. My cousins and I have dreamed about this for years, but had difficulty making it happen with our growing families.

This year the stars aligned, and our loving spouses gave us a week. Three cousins, 4 horses, and 75 miles through the most remote spot in the lower 48.

Our Haven Tents were the perfect way to end long days in the saddle. Each morning we woke to beautiful vistas, and spent the first hour or so looking for our horses!

Notes for fellow adventurers. We put in at the Eagle Creek Campground in the Shoshone National Forest. Going South we rode into Yellowstone and spent the next 3 days riding through the park along the Yellowstone River. Leaving the park we continued South into the Bridger-Teton National Forest, to Bridger Lake and Echo lake. We had our truck and trailer hauled to the Pacific Creek campground and there we ended our grand adventure.

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