Making the Most of Haven XL

Making the Most of Haven XL

Tim Haines Tim Haines
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Making the Most of Haven XL

The Haven XL, along with the Haven Tent and Haven Safari, offers a level of comfort you just won’t find anywhere else. The feeling of jumping into your bed doesn’t have to only occur at home anymore. But to get this tranquil feeling, it’s important that you know some important tips and tricks. This quick two-minute read will ensure that you have the knowledge to get the best sleep you have ever had on your next outing.

Bigger isn’t always better

The number one question we get comes because of folding pads. You will notice that this is addressed in a lot of the tips we give below as well. Just know this: pad cupping or slight folding is normal. The reality of life is that no one is going to have the exact same body frame. If we did, designing the Haven Tent would be so much simpler because we would have a “one size fits all” model.

People with larger frames will experience less folding than someone with a smaller frame. Luckily for all you narrow-shouldered, shorter folk out there, we have the original Haven Tent. That said, there will always be a little bit of natural cupping that occurs when you sit in the tent – just like your bed.

Firm or Soft Pad?

Before jumping into your Haven XL with your puppy and snacks, always check the pressure of your pad. Some people assume that a comfortable lay comes from having a little extra “bounce” in your pad – just like your bed, right? Short answer: no. The Haven XL relies heavily on a good-fitting pad to fill the space of the tent body and prevent the sides of the tent from wrapping you up like a burrito.

The insulated pad utilizes horizontal baffles that create counter-pressure against the sides of the tent. I always encourage people to inflate the pad as much as possible with the pump and top it off with a few big breaths from their own mouths. Once the sun goes down and you are ready to call it a night, top it off once more. As temperatures drop, the air molecules in the pad will contract so you want to get as much in there as possible before climbing in for the night.

The opposite is true as well. When you wake up in the morning, deflate the pad a bit if it is going to be a warm day. In hot temperatures, your pad could pop from expanding air and too much pressure.

Check Your Hang Angle

Or as I like to call it, “Hang-le”. For best results, you want to make sure the head-end of the hammock is elevated a few inches higher than your feet. This helps compensate for the fact that most of us have more mass in the upper half of the body. You can make a small adjustment while lying in the hammock by scooting up towards your head or down to your feet.

Position your body correctly

If you are a side sleeper like me, you may notice that the slight fold in the pad keeps you locked in the center of the pad. Work with the pad, not against it! Make sure your pad is fully inflated, then position your back close to the sidewall. If you like to sleep in a fetal position with your legs pulled in toward your chest, you will also want to make sure that you scoot your body down a bit towards your feet. This will help keep your body nice and level.

Our founder, Derek recorded a Facebook live specifically for side-sleeping in the XL. We've posted it on YouTube, check it out below!

Recognize the reality

The Haven Tent is an awesome system. We've completely eliminated the traditional hammock head-to-toe "banana", but the XL won't be exactly like your bed at home. 

Like any hammock system, there's a bit of a learning curve.  Give us a spin and you'll pick it up quick! The only thing better than our hammocks is our customer service so if you have any other questions, please reach out to us

Haven XL lying flat by a river

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