Whoopie Slings!

Whoopie Slings!

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Whoopie slings are my single favorite Haven Tents™ accessory. They weigh next to nothing and give you much more flexibility in choosing your site to hang.

With regular tree straps you'll run into situations where trees are too far apart or too big around. You'll wrap the straps around the tree and end up with a little tail of a strap! Whoopie slings are a lightweight alternative to carrying another set of tree straps. 

Whoopie slings are based on 'Chinese finger trap' technology. If you're old enough to read a hammock blog you probably know that the harder you pull on a finger trap, the harder the trap will bind. The bury in a whoopie sling acts the same way.... The more tension being held by the sling, the harder it binds. 

Whoopie sling and Chinese Finger trap

In the video below I cover two ways of using our Whoopie Slings, with one or two carabiners. With both configurations, you adjust the length of the sling by taking tension off the burry (finger trap section) and pulling on the sling.

You'll want to leave some sag in the line to reduce the amount of tension on your equipment and the trees. A little sag will also make it easier to release the tension when you are done so you can guide the tail back through the burry.

With a little practice you will find that whoopie slings are an essential part of your hammock kit. We're happy to make them available for purchase with any Haven Tent. If you're just here for the slings... that's great too!

Derek Tillotson, Haven Tents Founder

Our whoopie slings are made of 3.5mm UHMWPE with a breaking strength of 1800 lbs (850 kgs). Super lightweight and crazy strong. Unlike paracord, UHWMPE (Dyneema/Amsteel) does not stretch and is much stronger by weight.

Each sling in our kit is 6' long (182 cm) which gives a combined span of 12' (365 cm). Our kit also comes with two lightweight carabiners.

Haven Tent camping hammock whoopie slings

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