Collection: Haven Seconds

The same Haven products, with a little added love. All Haven Seconds are slightly used and/or repaired Haven Tents that you can get for a reduced price while supplies last. Each Haven Second is hand-inspected and has been cleared of any and all quality issues. Each kit comes with a rainfly, insulated pad, and all the components that come in our new kits.

FAQ's About the Haven Second

What is a Haven Second?

A Haven Second is a Haven Tent that has been slightly used and/or repaired. Each Haven Second is hand-inspected and cleared of any quality issues. Most of the time, you won't even be able to tell that you are have a used tent.

Do Haven Seconds Have a Warranty?

Although Haven Seconds are *final sale. they all have the same one-year warranty that all of our other tents have so if there is anything wrong with the functionality of the tent during the first year, just let us know.

*Final Sale means that no returns will be accepted unless there is a functionality issue with the tent that falls under the warranty.

How Often are Haven Seconds in Stock?

We normally list all of our available Haven Seconds once every 3 or 4 months, or whenever we have a large amount in our warehouse that have been tested and approved for sale. Make sure to join our Haven Second's mailing list to stay informed when we get more in stock.

What Comes with a Haven Second?

The Haven Second comes with everything you need for a good night sleep: bug net, rainfly, insulated pad, carabiners, tree straps, spreader bars, and guylines.