Introducing Haven Safari

Introducing Haven Safari

Derek Tillotson
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Introducing Haven Safari.

Since launching the original Haven Tent on Kickstarter in 2019, we’ve been hard at work enhancing and adapting our design to best match your adventures. Year two saw the introduction of Haven XL. Now in year three, we're at it again. Haven Safari was designed to be the ultimate glamping basecamp, car-camping rig, or backyard lounge hammock.

Glamping hammock in forest with prayer flags above

The Inspiration.  

The inspiration for Haven Safari came while I was in Hawaii, on vacation with my family. One day I was paddle boarding down the coast and from my vantage point, I could see that each house along the shore had one thing in common... a hammock. 

two hammocks hanging between palm trees

The hammocks were all the same style. Traditional backyard mesh hammocks. Iconic, but not known for being stable, or all that comfortable. You'd never take this hammock backpacking, but it is very durable and can be left out year-round. 

I asked myself, "What if we could make a comfortable backyard hammock?"


The Safari Design.

Taking weight considerations out of the equation, we were able to dial up the other features that make the Haven Tent special. The 300d 4000mm polyester canvas makes Safari robust enough for prolonged use and permanent installation*. The heavier material also gives additional structure to our patented design, pushing hammock performance even further. 

The Haven design is much more stable, relative to traditional backyard and gathered end hammocks because the sleeping platform is far below the hammock attachment points. Our sidewalls hold you in place while also granting easy entry and exit. I did a whole blog post on this! 

Mother and daughter smiling at each other in a hammock tent


Meanwhile, the Insulated Safari Pad is an absolute game-changer. It is the same dimensions as our Insulated Pad XL, 30x80x4 inches (76x203x10 cm). But is made from thicker material with a soft vegan suede coating. The horizontal baffles hold the space open and the thicker material helps with durability and even more structural rigidity. Just like our other insulated pads, the Safari Pad stuff sack converts to a pump bag and it is also compatible with our PowerPump

World's First Glamping Hammock

A Google search for the term "glamping tent" will give you hundreds of options. Ground tents that are designed for maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal. Other than Haven Safari there are no other true glamping hammocks. We're happy to be the first! 

glamping hammocks between palm trees on a beach in hawaii

My first interaction with a hammock was along that same coastline in Hawaii. My grandma had a hammock between two palm trees in her yard and us cousins spent hours, not lounging... but trying to flip each other out onto the grass. She's in her late 80's now, and she'll be getting the first Safari tent we ship. See that video here.

The stability and comfort of Haven Safari make it suitable for any age. And my kids will tell you, it's pretty fun to swing in too.



*Permanent Installation: Follow these steps to prolong the effective lifespan of Haven Safari and the Insulated Safari Pad. 

  1. When not in use, secure the rainfly to the hammock body. Connect the 4 corner toggles to the rainfly corner eyelets and connect the hook in the fly to the bungee loop at the middle of the hammock.
  2. When not in use, slightly deflate the air mattress. High temperatures will make the air inside the pad expand and could damage the pad.
  3. Make sure the hammock and rainfly are not rubbing against anything. The material is thick but can be worn down over time.
  4. Do not use without an air mattress.

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