Solo Camping in Norway

Solo Camping in Norway

Derek Tillotson
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It’s been about a year since we shipped the very first Haven Tents. More and more often we see our tent out in the world having adventures. Thank you for all that you share on social media. We are honored to watch Haven find a place in your life.

Here in our blog we’d like to share a few of the adventures we get to be a part of. First, we’d like to introduce a Norwegian solo camping rockstar, Geir Skauli.

Cross-country skier going camping

Geir is a life-long camper/explorer. A ground camper from his youth, he would typically sleep on a bed of spruce or in a tent. A couple years back he discovered hammock camping which encouraged him to spend even more nights in the woods.

While scanning a Norwegian Facebook group, Geir stumbled onto our Kickstarter campaign. He was intrigued by the design and hoped our tent would address the two biggest issues he experienced from hammock camping. The banana problem, and the cold-butt syndrome. The day the Haven Tent was available in Norway, Geir placed his order.

When asked what he liked about the Haven Tent, Geir said:

“The compact, all-in-one-solution, is one great advantage. The tarp, sleeping pad, and mosquito net are all together in the same package. With the structure of the hammock and the ridgeline, I always get a good hang, and I can shift my position during the night as I do in my bed… Also, the ability to use walking poles to set the hammock up as a tent on the ground is marvelous for going up in the mountains.”

Geir first caught my attention with his beautiful solo adventure videos posted on YouTube. Give this video a watch and just feel the zen.

Here are Geir's thoughts on this adventure.

“Walking alone three rainy days in October, carrying all I needed in my backpack, was my favorite adventure with Haven, so far. It was so wet that it was hard to get any fire going, so it was essential that my Haven Tent was comfortable to spend the whole evening and night in, and that it kept me dry and warm.”

Geir’s video actually inspired me to film my own solo adventure this winter. I realized that I had never spent more than a few hours by myself, and took my Haven and my skis into the backcountry to remedy that. See that blog post here. Thanks for the inspiration Geir!!

We hope to share more stories on our blog. We'll keep an eye out for content on Instagram and Facebook so tag us @haventents and use the hashtag #haventents.

Here's to the second year of Haven adventures. No matter where you go, there'll always be a good night waiting for you. 

—Derek Tillotson, Haven Tents Founder

Winter camping in Norway with a flat lay hammock tent

“My hope when I post pictures and videos on social media is to bring nature's beauty, and a bit of silent solitude, into the entertainment-stream. And maybe inspire others to do micro-expeditions close to their home.”  Haven Adventurer Geir Skauli

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