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We are on a mission to make sleep the highlight of camping and every other kind of outdoor experience. If you are a creator who values our mission, is passionate about a great night sleep outdoors, and wants to share it with the world, apply to join the Haven Creators network!

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Partnership opportunities

  • Campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Usage rights
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Gifting
  • Discount codes

What is the Haven Creators Network?

Imagine a brand ambassador, affiliate, influencer, and content partner all rolled into one. The Haven Creators Network acts as an all-in-one apperatus that offers creators of all kinds access to our extensive community.

What Are the Benefits?

Aside from being part of an enthusiastic community, here's just a few others:

  • Unique discount codes to share
  • Earn commissions
  • Exclusive access to promote gear
  • Backlinks and channel attributions

Check out our Creator Cashback Program™

Want to join the network, but are worried about your follower/subscriber count? Join our one-of-a-kind Content Buy-Back program! With this unique program, we offer refunds based on content you send to us, and commissions on gear you purchase -- up to 100%+ back!

Haven Creator's FAQ's

Can anyone join?

Anyone can apply to the Haven Creators network and Creator Cashback Program™. Applicants are approved on a case-by-case basis and approval is generally conditional on content style/type, and intent.

What kind of people are you looking to work with?

We aren't like other brands that require you to maintain a certain threshold of followers or engagement rate. While we don't discount the importance of these factors, we are more interested in working with passionate creators who genuinely love our gear and want to share it with others.

Don't let your follower count discourage you from applying! We have options for every kind of creator. Our unique Buy-Back program is no exception.

What is the Content Buy-Back Program?

We developed the Creator Cashback Program™ as a way to offer every kind of creator (big or small) an opportunity to join our Haven Creators Network.

If you own a camera (basically everyone in the world), you're eligible to apply! Learn more here.

Do you do sponsorships or ambassadors?

Yes! Whether you're planning a thru-hike on the AT, an avid backpacker looking for some new gear, apply for the Haven Creators Network and indicate that you are seeking a sponsorship opportunity.

Let's see if we can find a way to make you an official ambassador!