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Dry Sack

Dry Sack

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Size - 7L
Color - Fire Red

The Zenbivy Dry Sacks feature fully welded seams for a long-lasting watertight seal, a high-speed mechanical valve for instant compression, and durable yet lightweight construction. In other words: it's the best dry sack on the market.

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7L: 2.3 oz (65 g)

10L: 2.7 oz (76 g)

15L: 2.8 oz (79 g)

Which Zenbivy Beds Fit

7L Dry Sack fits:

    • Ultralight Bed 25°
    • Light Bed 25°
    • Light Bed 40° Synthetic

10L Dry Sack fits:

    • Ultralight Bed 10°
    • Light Bed 10°
    • Core Bed 25°
    • Zenbivy Bed 25°

15L Dry Sack fits:

    • Core Bed 10°
    • Core Bed 25° Synthetic
    • Zenbivy Bed 10°
    • All Double Beds

Packed Size

You can expect your quilt and sheet to compress down to about half the size of its recommended Dry Sack size.


7L: 46 cm x 16 cm diameter

10L: 51 cm x 18 cm diameter

15L: 59 cm x 21 cm diameter


Main: 30D Ripstop Nylon

Base: 75D Polyester


Dry Sack only. Compression Caps sold separately.