Affiliates And Creators Wanted!

Affiliates And Creators Wanted!

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Are you passionate about outdoor adventures and sleeping under the stars? Do you have a camera? Then you belong in our ever-growing Haven Creators Network. Become an affiliate or pick another option. At Haven Tents, we're all about celebrating the incredible experiences you have with our products. You're helping us grow, so we'd like to reward you for sharing your stories and creativity with the world.


Some of the BEST content we have was made by you. Thank you!! Along with shooting most of our content, our founder Derek also manages our social media pages... he probably spends too much time viewing and sharing your content. Be sure to use hashtag #HavenTents and tag @haventents for your chance to be featured on our channels. 

We'd love to share your creativity with a larger audience and help you connect with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Seeing others out enjoying their Haven Tent is one of the best ways we can grow our business and help more people get those Zzzs! Thank you for the UGC keep it coming.

Have something you'd think we'd like. DM us on IG and we'll go from there!


Ready to take your love for Haven Tents to the next level? Join our Haven Creators Network, where your passion for the great outdoors can turn into commissions on sales and exclusive discount codes for you and your followers.

Start by applying to our affiliate program. If we think your audience and content style speak to our brand, you will be accepted to the network and you can create, share, and earn as you go. We have some great affiliate relationships and we're always looking for more brand partners.


We are contacted by content creators all the time. Daily in fact. Unfortunately, we can't work with everyone so we came up with something that is a win-win for content creators who really want our hammock. We call it the Creator Cashback Program™ and it's an industry first.

In a nutshell, the program goes like this. You order a tent and we buy a portion of the tent back based on content deliverables. It ties into our affiliate program so you can monetize content as you go. This program allows content creators like you to recoup up to 100%+ of your purchase. Click here to learn the program requirements. 

Participation is based on your application. We are looking for quality content but this is open to creators of all sizes. Apply today!


Looking for inspiration? Check out examples of content styles and types that work best at communicating our brand. These examples from our Haven Tent community members will show you the endless possibilities of what you can create. 

You are NOT trying to recreate these images exactly. So feel free to make them your own!

Still Photography Guide:

Haven Affiliate Still Photography Guide

Reel-Style Video Guide:

Still image guide for affiliates

Lay flat image guide for affiliates

Funny hammock video for Affiliates

UGC Testimonial Guide:

UGC Haven Tent affiliate video example 1UGC Story Example. Haven Tent Affiliates

Haven Affiliate video example

Haven Hall of Fame: Videos with +1 Million Views

Big thank you to the following creators and affiliates for helping Haven go viral! We have a few of our own wins in there too. We'd put the view count... but they just keep climbing!

@Alex1leg - Here Alex uses his Haven Tent as a prop while telling a larger/more personal story.
@engineeredlabs - Thank you for the textbook UGC testimonial.
@MadisonClysdalee - She posted this video across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube shorts. The video did best on shorts for some algorithmic reason.
@Battlbox - Great UGC storytelling by Brandon Currin.

@HavenTents - Here's a funny one from Derek's trip to Alaska.
@HavenTents - Here we did a POV setup with some audio from a podcast.
@HavenTents - This video is a re-cut of a video Brandon at Battlbox did for us. 

Join us in celebrating the joy of outdoor living with Haven Tents. Be part of our Haven Creators Network and unlock a world of creativity, commissions, and exclusive discounts. Start sharing your Haven Tent adventures today, and let's inspire others to embrace the magic of sleeping under the stars.

Remember, your content has the power to change minds and inspire others to explore the beauty of the outdoors. Join us at Haven Tents, where adventure and creativity unite.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey with us? Don't wait; your next outdoor adventure is just a Haven Tent away!

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